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Anshan yongfeng hot galvanizing co. LTD


products center

Hot galvanizing

Electric pole: our company can undertake all kinds of large electric pole products hot dip galvanizing, because of equipment advantage can guarantee the electric pole after plating appearance is bright, beautiful, galvanizing layer is complete, without color difference, without current hang, without zinc tumour. The zinc coating has good ...

Hot-dip galvanizer

  • Shenyang 220Kv substation project

    Shenyang 220Kv substation project
  • Jilin changchun 220KV power transmission and transformation project

    Jilin changchun 220KV power transmission and transformation project
  • Chemical enterprises tanks fire pipeline - tianhong chemical

    Chemical enterprises tanks fire pipeline - tianhong chemical

Pole galvanizing


Anshan yongfeng hot galvanizing co., LTD. Is located in anqi road, anqi road, dadao bend industrial park, anshan city, anshan city, China's largest steel group, about 2km away from the anshan station exit of shenda expressway, 89km away from shenyang, capital city of liaoning province, 240km away from dalian port, convenient transportation and rich resources.

Hot-dip galvanizer

Recommended Products

  • The cable bridge is galvanized

    The cable bridge is galvanized

    Cable tray: our company can undertake all kinds of hot dip galvanized cable tray products, including groove type, tray type, ladder frame, m...

  • galvanizing


    Wind power equipment interior decoration accessories: our company undertakes all kinds of wind power equipment interior decoration products ...

  • The condenser is galvanized

    The condenser is galvanized

    Condenser: our company can undertake hot dip galvanizing of all kinds of condenser products. It is one of the only domestic manufacturers th...

  • zincification


    Tower: our company can undertake the processing of 500,000 volts, 220,000 volts, 110,000 volts and 66,000 volts of various power transmissio...

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